Lizzie Drake


Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Blessing: Spend Glamour, reroll a Brawl attack, once per scene. +1 to Brawl rolls
Concept: Lady’s Maid
Court: Autumn 25px court autumn


Int 2 | Wits 2 | Resolve 2
Strength 3 | Dex 3 | Stamina 2
Presence 2 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 2


Investigation 2 | Occult 2
Athletics 2 | Brawl 3 (Dirty Tricks +1) | Drive 1 | Stealth 2 | Weaponry 2
Empathy 2 | Expression 1 | Intimidation 2 (Veiled Threats +1) | Persuasion 1 | Socialize 2 | Streetwise 3 (Gangs +1) | Subterfuge 1


Dream (CTL 124)
● Pathfinder | 1 Glamour | DP: Wyrd + Intelligence | Locate paths, Hollows and other fixtures in the Hedge

Omen (RoS 108)
● Vision of Strife | 1 Glamour | DP: Wyrd + Empathy | See someone’s worst memory

Vainglory (CTL 146)
● Mask of Superiority | 2 Glamour | DP: Wyrd + Intimidation – Subject’s Resolve | Gain a +2 bonus when speaking from a position of authority

Fleeting Autumn (CTL 156)
● Witches’ Intuition | 1 Glamour | DP: Wits + Wyrd – subject’s Composure
●● Tale of the Baba Yaga | 1 Glamour | DP: Manipulation + Intimidation | One success per person to scare; each roll represents five minutes of fright-mongering)


Striking Looks 2 | Mantle 2 | Court Goodwill (Spring) 1 | Contacts (Goblins) 1 | Allies (Criminals) 2

Health: 7
Willpower: 4/4
Wyrd: 2
Glamour: 8/11
Clarity: 7

Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 5
Experience: x



Everyday Life

Elizabeth Morley’s father was a drunk and her mother died giving her life. As a result, Lizzie was raised on the streets of Whitechapel. Very quickly she learnt that she needed to hit harder than the boys to survive and after some run-ins with street toughs that ended painfully for them, she got herself a reputation as a scrapper. ‘Big Liz’, they called her, half in respect for her vicious fists and half in jest at her deceptively small frame. Once she had that reputation, she quickly understood that she could use it to avoid fighting altogether: ‘Speak softly and hit first’, became her motto.

The Taking

One night Liz entered one of her usual drinking holes to be suddenly fêted by a crowd of her gang friends for giving a severe beating to an especially vicious rival gangmember. There was one problem: Liz hadn’t done it. And this wasn’t the last time something like this would happen: every so often over the subsequent weeks, with increasing frequency, something would be laid at her door which she hadn’t done, for good and ill. Eventually things started going missing from her room, or would have been moved, and neighbours claimed she’d been home when she hadn’t. Fed up with her mysterious doppelgänger, she decided to lay a trap, making it clear that she was going out and would be away a while, but secretly doubling back. She heard movement in her room and stormed in, ready to surprise and beat down the intruder, but it was she who was surprised. In front of her she saw an exact simulacrum of herself and another figure, whose shape seemed to slide out of focus but seemed to grow impossibly to dominate Liz’s entire vision. The last thing Liz noticed before she lost consciousness was its three burning blue eyes, twinkling in baleful amusement.

The Escape

Like all Changelings, Lizzie’s memories of Arcadia are patchy. She seems to have been some sort of agent, fixer or majordomo: she remembers dealing with Hobgoblins and the Goblin Markets on behalf of her Keeper. She remembers being rewarded lavishly and punished severely for real or imagined successes and failures. Most horribly, she remembers committing atrocities far beyond the brutality she meted out as a gang member. Her most vivid memories are of the Hedge and the Goblin Markets, but she also has many clear and contradictory memories of her escape. They all involve her stabbing, cutting or bludgeoning her Keeper to death on a trip with him into the Hedge, then escaping suddenly into the London streets, but they are all contradictory and they all seem equally real.

On arriving back in mortal London, her memory of her simulacrum rushed back. She was careful, making sure to observe her old haunts before making contact with anyone, and soon found that a few more years had passed on Earth than in Arcadia. Tracking down her unsuspecting twin was easy, and Lizzie took pleasure in surprising her in her rooms just as she had been surprised. Initially, Lizzie intended to kill the fetch, but it begged for its life and offered Lizzie a deal: it didn’t want to die or return to Arcadia either, so now the two live a double life, Lizzie posing as her fetch’s younger cousin who’s gone into service, while the fetch continues her original street existence. Their relationship is cold: one of convenience and mutual suspicion. In her darker moments, Lizzie even fears that maybe she’s the fetch and the other is the Changeling…

Lizzie is determined to never be taken again. To this end she studies the Hedge and legends about the Fae. Meanwhile, she has taken service with the Blackstone family: headed by a well-regarded London barrister, George Blackstone. Lizzie has become the confidante of his wife, Emily and their three children, a position she uses to feed their fears regarding both criminal elements and their own husband and father.

Lizzie Drake

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